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Oakland Fire 104-91 (1991) by Richard Misrach

Osamu Yokonami

Alfredo Piola

Château la Coste in Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France, by Tadao Ando.
Hsiao Ron Cheng

Our Time in Ice
28th February - 31st May
Current Exhibition - @ ONCA
The Arctic is made up of layers – layers of ice that can store and preserve, destroy and deconstruct.  These layers are now melting.  This summer, sea ice reached record lows and as the Arctic disappears into sea and air, so do the frozen memories that have been buried within.  Climate change may seem like words and figures, but in the north our impact on this planet is evident.  Politicians debate about drilling permissions and frontline environmental organizations battle to preserve threatened species, but the vast arctic expanses are no longer certain and to some extent, it is through their collapse that we can time our own future.  Scientists research, activists fight, and we call to artists to respond.  The massive ice sheets are a part of who we are, so how should art represent their transformation?  Our Time In Ice is both a challenge and a question, inspired by frozen layers drilled, discovered, and lost.  In what ways can we, as artists, explore these layers?  How do we come to terms with what has gone and help to preserve what remains?
Image: ‘White Ice’ 
by Chris Wainwright
ONCA - One Network for Conservation and the Arts 

by Chris & Lara Pawluk